Fire doors

The sliding or hinged REI fire doors are installed inside buildings in order to allow for a division between
several areas in the case of fire and, for this reason, they may be fitted with different accessories to satisfy
all possible regulations. 



A door with fire resistance characteristics always bears the REI mark: 

R= mechanical resistance that allows for the door to be maintained in an efficient condition

E= the ability to prevent the passage of fire and smoke through the door

I= heat insulation that the door maintains within the limit of 150 C°

All of these features should be maintained for a specific number of minutes, for example a REI 60 door maintains the characteristics
indicated above for at least 60 minutes.

The Kopron fire doors respect the following features: 

  • They divide areas so as to prevent the spread of flames and smoke;

  • They have thermal insulation characteristics so as to prevent the spread of fire through radiation;

  • The Kopron doors maintain the ability to open easily even during fire to help the escape of all individuals involved;

  • The doors are assembled by following a predefined escape route and must lead to limited fire risk environments.


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