Standard warehouses

The Kopron fixed and retractable warehouses made from hot galvanised steel, with a PVC curtain cover, with steel sandwich panels are available in various models: independent, front, side, single-double slope, connecting, protruding, arched, roofs, special, large sizes and for special uses.  They are created with the objective of increasing the logistic and productive skills of any company: ideal to create production areas as well as storage areas in a short amount of time or to cover any activity, maintaining all of the advantages of a fixed but removable structure.

The Kopron canopies are produced in accordance with Customer requirements in any shape and location. Rapid installation and dismantling, economic and with very little bureaucracy, there are the characteristics of the product.
Every structure is designed and calculated (certifying static and dynamic performance) for the correct area of installation, this guarantees total safety and resistance throughout the years. 

The Kopron independent fabric warehouses made from steel and with PVC curtains, are by definition, installed without any physical connections with the existing buildings, on areas within production units or commercial activities. They can be fixed or retractable, in the latter case sliding of the arches is carried out on special forged steel wheels, with dual ball bearings and vacuum tight.


In which cases are they recommended?
They are specifically destined for the storage of goods that otherwise would occupy much more expensive space within the production or sales areas, therefore optimising the level of functionality of the plant.  This type of warehouse is often also used to cover production processes.  Their uses include: long and narrow spaces, areas of unusual shapes, protection of process tanks, mobile machinery covers, silos, pre-chambers for solid urban waste disposal plants and lots more.


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