Which certificates is a manufacturer obliged to issue?

Through quality certification Kopron offers further guarantee on the efficiency and effectiveness of its products; The company operates in total observance of the European Norm and uses the services of international certifiers such as Rina Service.  As far as loading/unloading systems of goods are concerned, Kopron currently has the following quality certificates:  Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, Certified Factory Production Control UNI EN ISO 1090, EC brand.

What is the bureaucratic process to be followed in order to install loading/unloading systems for goods?

No special permits are required to install new loading/unloading systems for goods.

Are Kopron closures fitted with automatisms?

Yes all closures, following customer requests, can be fitted with advanced automatisms:

  • Open door GSM: the door opens with a simple telephone call.
  • K-Hands Free: a “toll pass” kind of opening system.
  • Transmitter: for utmost safety and anti-cloning.
  • Electrical panel: management of all control accessories.

What is the level of heat-acoustic insulation?

The panels that form rigid closures are made from “Safeline” type sandwich panels made from pre-painted steel, with CFC free polyurethane foam to guarantee the highest possible level of heat-acoustic insulation.

How much time is needed to install new closures (residential or industrial)?

A closure needs just a few hours to be installed.

What is the average opening/closing speed of high speed doors?

High speed doors have an opening/closing speed of up to 2 m/sec – 0.8 m/sec

What is the life cycle of a Kopron closure?

The Kopron closures are tested up to 1 million cycles.

Which certificate is provided on safety?

Kopron has all EN 12978 closure certificates on safety.

What type of maintenance is necessary for products connected with logistics?

The products connected with logistics (canopies, closures and loading/unloading systems of goods) require obligatory ordinary maintenance of at least once a year, according to its use.  Ordinary maintenance should be planned with a qualified partner in order to prevent unpleasant and unexpected events (such as machine stops or non suitability for new norms). A user and correct maintenance manual is provided when the purchase is made. 

What are the advantages in installing a temporary canopy for an event?

Temporary structures have their advantages in terms of speed of installation and the possibility of keeping the structure only for the duration of the event without having any negative effect on the landscape and without damaging the location in which it is used.  Generally no foundations are necessary and no form of brickwork is required.  
These characteristics combined with low costs and resistance of the structure make the Kopron canopies the ideal solution in order to organise an event that goes beyond the classic brickwork location.

Which certificates is a manufacturer obliged to issue?

Through quality certification Kopron offers further guarantee on the efficiency and effectiveness of its products; The company operates in total observance of the European Norm and uses the services of international certifiers such as Rina Service.  As far as residential and industrial closures are concerned the following quality certificates are issued:  Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, Certified Applicable Standard UNI EN 13241-1, EC brand.

What is the safety related norm that a loading/unloading goods system should respect?

Each element of the Kopron loading/unloading system of goods has been designed and created in order to simplify the loading and unloading operations of tip-up vehicles, operating in observance of the European Norm and the ISO 1398:2009 certificate.

How does the structure behave in the case of fire?

The cover fabric is class 1 or 2 fireproof according to use and applicable norms. 

How does the folding process of a retractable cover work?

In Kopron retractable covers, the horizontal movement does not move the structure but it folds it so as to make the space below totally open. Unlike mobile covers, whose structure slides completely, leaving the space totally clear, the retractable covers have a fixed part against which the rest of the cover is folded away.  The entire folding or sliding process may be motorised and is very easy to activate. 

What are the real advantages of a Kopron fixed or retractable steel structure?

  • Duration: each tend has been designed to last in time with a long life cycle.
  • Fast construction: in just a few days a new canopy can be created; very little bureaucracy and a team of expert fitters will make the Kopron canopies an efficient product, ready in a short amount of time.
  • Cost saving: savings compared with a construction made from cement are very important.  Furthermore the transparent “energy saving” panels for further energy savings can be used.
  • Structural flexibility: building with steel allows for the structure to be expanded, moved or divided in a short amount of time and according to the specific requirements of the moment.  Each canopy may become mobile or retractable with the sole addition of wheels to the structure itself.
  • Seismic resistance: the elasticity of the steel makes the Kopron canopies an excellent anti-seismic guarantee.  

Hire or purchase of a structure? Which is the best choice?

It depends on the use that the customer has to make of the structure.  If he needs it for short or long periods of time: by buying the structure he can dismantle and assemble it in other areas or for other events. However, hiring is perfect for warehouses destined to store goods with a life-cycle/execution that is limited in time.

What is the difference between a temporary structure and a permanent one?

Temporary canopies that are generally made from aluminium are light and economic and are used for a duration of less than two years (for Italy, the Municipal Edification Regulations on this subject vary from one municipality to another: permits are granted for a maximum period of two years). In the case of aluminium anti-seismic and snow-load controls are not carried out; the latter is omitted when the canopy is fitted with heating for melting.  However, the fixed structures made from steel maintain all of the characteristics of a wall construction but with the advantages of steel constructions: anti-seismic guarantee, acoustic insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance and structural stability. The advantages of building with steel are: possibility of moving, expanding or dividing the structure quickly, better anti-seismic protection, lower costs, design and light weight.  

Is it best to build a structure from bricks or steel?

A Kopron warehouse has all of the technical features of a warehouse made from bricks but a steel construction has huge advantages compared with a brick construction:  building work reduced to a minimum, structural flexibility, possibility of moving or dividing the structure in a short amount of time, faster production and cheap.

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