Loading Bays

Loading and unloading bays: key components for the safe and efficient flow of goods

The loading and unloading bays are standard and made-to-measure devices, designed and manufactured to simplify the loading/unloading operations of tilting vehicles.

They offer the guarantee of operating in total safety and in accordance with norms, avoiding:

  • time wasting;
  • heat exchanges;
  • damages to vehicles, buildings and goods.


The loading and unloading bays consist of four vital elements that are available in different models:

  1. Dock levellers

  2. Dock shelters

  3. Sectional doors

  4. Vehicle restraints


From design to after-sales assistance, a turn-key service is guaranteed in full observance of integrated design.  Upon request Kopron also coordinates and implements  the construction phase and relative frames necessary to hold the loading bays.






Standard raised dock shelters

This is the standard model of the Kopron collection, aimed at satisfying every requirement in terms of limits to heat exchanges between the inside
of the warehouse and the inside of the vehicle, contributing to energy savings and an improvement in the level of comfort of personnel.

The standard raised dock shelters basic model combines an excellent level of functionality to reduced costs, while the pantographed model
 is made to measure and also adapts perfectly to special requirements and is available in personalised colours.



Dock House isothermal portals


This isothermal portal Dock-House is positioned above an existing platform made from concrete and iron.

It consists of a supporting structure with galvanised steel arches that rest on a platform. The finish is made from insulated sandwich panels.




Flexible sides dock shelter

The isothermal portal with flexible sides adapts perfectly to sealing of the loading mouths in low temperature warehouses.

Sealing is acquired by pressing the vehicle against padded closed cell polyurethane cushions and covered with a sturdy polyester/PVC panel
with special anti-wear tiles that limit any damage caused by pressure or rubbing of the vehicle being loaded.

This portal does not transmit the thrust of the vehicle being loaded to the warehouse structures.



Isothermal portal with fixed or adjustable cushsions

Suitable for the sealing of loading mouths on low temperature warehouses, this model creates perfect sealing by pressing with the vehicle up
against closed cell polyurethane padded cushions, covered with a sturdy polyester/PVC panel, packed with specific anti-wear tiles that limit
any damage caused by pressure and rubbing.

The fixed version is suitable when the vehicles are classified with the same dimensions, while the adjustable version, with the upper mobile buffer, 
adapts to the various heights of the vehicles.

The fixed or adjustable cushion thermal portal partially transmits the thrust of the vehicle to the warehouse structures that will be duly reinforced
as recommended by Kopron technicians.



Ground/Rotative Dock Shelters

The spiral isothermal portal
Is suitable for the protection of loading/unloading operations between a warehouse and a vehicle

parked in parallel or in an angulated position compared with the warehouse itself.
Ideal in all narrow areas with difficulty in truck manoeuvres, the opening corner of the spiral ranges from 0° to 90°.
Apart from standard dimensions, this model is also available made-to-measure. Once loading and unloading operations
have been completed, the portal may be drawn back in order to allow for the passage of vehicles into the area previously used.

The floor isothermal portal
Is perfect for the sealing of loading areas on floor level, with or without a lifting board, with spaces for limited manoeuvres

that require the removal of a structure in order to allow for the vehicle to pass through. 


Dock tunnel isothermal portals

The dock tunnel for loading bays are designed to provide a direct connection between the warehouse and the vehicle in the presence
of loading bays protruding beyond the building, with or without an incorporated platform.

Special models are also available for corner platforms or for platforms with gangways connected to the edge of the platform itself. 


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