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The Gege Hungary Ltd. was founded in 2008 with the aim of marketing and developing the products of G&G on more professional grounds. The G&G logo was born from a young man’s dream in 1995. With his innovative ideas, thirst for knowledge, and desire to act, the logo has grown into well-founded, strong brand, a fact which is testified by more than a 10000 satisfied customers. In our market researches, our customers mentioned outstanding quality, affordable price and excellent value for money functionality as positive aspects of us and our works.

In our decoration, tarpaulin, locksmith workshops and sewing’s shop, we would like to meet the market expectations with a well coordinated crew consisting of professionally reliable and reputable experts. We always follow new trends and keep up to date, in order to provide the very best quality without pause. This is due to our internal ERP system.

We are an ISO 9001 qualified company and we have, uniquely in the field, liability insurance.

It is always the idea, innovation, creativity, and safe feasibility that is most important for our designers. Our numerous references make it sure that it is not without reason we ensure a significantly long guarantee on our products.

We welcome the request, opinion and feedback of our old and new partners!

There are plenty of references to be found divided into categories in our galleries, and you can also find, belonging to these, short introductions under the activities menu. You can browse our most recent and dearest works on the home page among the pictures of our priority projects menu or news menu.

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Phone: +36 34 522 700

Mobile: +36 20 555 5250

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