09/01/2019 10:05

Reference - Reagens Group


A retractable warehouse for Reagens Group to store chemical additives

The attention to design and structure quality are evident in Kopron’s projects where customers’ needs are always perfectly met. The solution studied out for Reagens Group, leaders in the field of additives for all types of PVC applications, is really special.

Kopron installed a big size retractable warehouse, inside the Client's plant, dedicated to storage additives for plastics. The Engineering team of Reagens Group totally relied on Kopron’s team which offered a tailored 'turn-key solution'.

Kopron’s retractable warehouses, are able to cover/uncover areas dedicated to storage and/or production. The possibility to choose between fixed or retractable structures is a competitive advantage for Kopron fabric structures. Besides an integrated planning policy and turn-key solutions avoid to involve other suppliers.

A special detail: a record-setting span width!

Kopron retractable warehouses are assembled on forged steel wheels, with watertight double ball bearings. The Kopron patented anti-derailment system, guarantees more safety for daily operators.

Reagens Group requirements were very clear: they usually have a great quantities of goods to store and Kopron had to develop a proper solution, which came out to be a rectractable warehouse 36,5 mt long, 29 mt wide and 4 mt tall. The special characteristic of the warehouse stands in the width.

This single-span warehouse designed by Kopron technicians can be considered one of the best non-standard solutions ever produced.

The carrying body is in hot-dipped galvanized steel, layed on kerbs in concrete with rails. Kerbs of one meter act as barrier to avoid forklift operators to crash against the warehouse. The fabric requested is a self-extinguishing in Class I type.

At the front and rear sides, two high speed fold up doors, have been installed 4 mt x 4,5 mt tall. Other pedestrian doors have been inserted on all sides to increase safety.

Innovative solutions meeting market requirements: let’s discover more about Reagens

Creativity, trust, enterpreneurship, passion, team spirit and humility – these are Reagens Group values. International leaders in the production of additives and stabilizers for PVC, Reagen Spa was founded in 1952 at San Giorgio di Piano near Bologna. The constant growth brought the Company to develop business abroad as well, with production plants installed in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Kopron and Reagen share the same values. This is why Reagen chose Kopron, fully confident in their capabilities and will to offer the best solution creating a covered area to store considerable quantities of chemical products. Quick installation, accurate design and very little paper work have been the winning points.

Reagens mission is 'to create innovative solutions that satisfy and exceed market expectations'. Kopron is proud to have met their needs and contributed to their mission.


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