09/01/2019 10:09

Reference - Pettarini Srl


Kopron installed a prefabricated metal building for Pettarini Srl

Pettarini Italian Components, a solid industrial reality located at Manzano in the North East of Italy, chose a Kopron solution to enhance their storage capabilities.

According to Customer’s requirements, Kopron’s team designed and installed a prefabricated steel warehouse with sandwich panels next to the building wall.

This prefabricated metal building, is part of the range of warehouses Kopron usually propose. They are very much appreciated being a valid alternative to masonry ones.

The advantages of having a steel warehouse with sandwich panels

Installation schedule is considerably reduced, since very little masonry work is required. Besides sandwich panels guarantee excellent thermal-acoustic insulation.

These structures which can be considered proper industrial prefabricated warehouses, have a solid and flexible carrying body. They can be moved from one place to another, reduced in size or widened. Masonry warehouse are more expensive and have longer construction schedules.

Installation is so easy, that they can be assembled in any industrial context and for any purpose.

Enhance working areas with a warehouse with sandwich panels

The prefabricated metal warehouse with sandwich panels installed at Pettarini’s has the following size: 13,5m x 20,3m and tall 4,5m. Next to it a fixed double side warehousehas also been assembled with same width and height but 8,7m long. With this solution Kopron extended the working are for a total of 400 square meters.

This further annexed prefabricated warehouse, is covered with silver type panels 40mm thick and with a polycarbonate strip all along the side which allows light to come in. At the rear there is a pedestrian door with safety handle.

Vehicles transit through a Kopron insulated roller shutter door, Fast Wall model, installed in the front part of the warehouse.

The pleasure to invent solutions: let’s discover something about Pettarini

Pettarini Srl is a highly qualified firm who has offered customized solutions for the past 60 years. They managed throughout the years to diversify their business operating in many sectors: furniture, construction, mechanical and car industry.

Thanks to innovative technologies in wire cold forming, Pettarini are able to guarantee excellent performances and high quality.

Design, tailor made production, a wide range of products, quality and performance are the characteristics they share with Kopron which are have been leaders in the logistics field for years

Kopron products are strictly customized. The choice made by Pettarini makes us more and more aware of our capabilities and expertise. Kopron wish to be a highly reliable partner for all their Customers.


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