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Reference - Pierantoni


Extra working space for Pierantoni with a prefabricated metal building

Pierantoni, leaders in the wholesale of paper and stationery merchanting, relies on Kopron to expand its existing warehouse near Bologna.

According to the intended use, technical considerations and other variables, the Customer chose a prefabricated metal building in sandwich panels. Cost savings, timing and the removability are the main advantages of Kopron warehouses warehouses family that give an added value compared with traditional masonry structures.

Kopron supplied the prefabricated steel building in only one week, according to Customer’s needs to expand storage spaces.

A new side metal building with sandwich panels to expand an existing one

Pierantoni's need was to extend his existing masonry warehouse quickly. The new warehouse solution, however, should have complied with the rules required by the old one. For this reason, the choice was a Kopron structure.

The fixed warehouse extension is 16 m wide, 35 m long and 6.5 m tall. This prefabricated metal building is covered with REI30 intumescent silver type panels 50 mm thick. Thanks to this type of paneling, the warehouse meets the requirements of the CPI, fire prevention certificate, already present in the old masonry structure.

The structure consists of a body in hot galvanized steel. At the front and rear sides, two motorized sectional doors have been installed, 4 m wide and 4.5 m tall. To ensure the safety of the operators, a pedestrian door with panic bar was also included.

Thanks to a polycarbonate strip all along the 35 m side is allowed natural light to come in, making a positive contribution to the energy saving of the metal building.

Metal buildings as viable alternative to masonry ones

Quick installation and dismantling, cost savings, there are the characteristics of the metal buildings , in insulated sandwich panels or PVC fabric, compared to masonry warehouses. In this specific case history, the metal building in sandwich panels allows a total saving of living costs, in terms of bureaucratic timing and installation.

These structures increase the logistical and production capacity of any company. Ideal to quickly create both production and storage areas in order to cover any activities.

Pricing and use are preponderant factors of choice. In some cases, in fact, the prices of traditional masonry warehouses can rise exponentially.

So, metal buildings in sandwich panels or fabric structures can be excellent alternatives. They guarantee the safety of operators, through durable and earthquake-proof metal structures. In addition to the old existing buildings, they fully comply with their certifications.

Pierantoni: the Cash & Carry that we like!

Over 30 years of activity in the wholesale of paper and stationery merchanting, Pierantoni S.p.A. was born in Granarolo dell'Emilia, in one of the most profitable industrial areas of Bologna. A dynamic and innovative reality in the commercial strategies and in the solutions proposed to its Customers.

Dynamism and innovation, qualities that characterize the Kopron ecosystem in its entirety, always careful in providing solutions more and more responsive to the real needs of its customers.

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