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Reference - Sensi SpA


Prefabricated metal buildings Kopron in Verona for Sensi SpA

For Sensi SpA, an important company located in Verona, Kopron supplied two prefabricated metal buildings to widen spaces dedicated to storage of goods.

These buildings produced by Kopron completely met customer’s expectations. Sensi Spa needed to cover an area to create a depot for vans, as well as a place to store electric cables.

The advantage of warehouses proposed by Kopron is the variety of types you can have. Kopron propose PVC fabric structures and prefabricated metal buildings with steel carrying body structures and sandwich panel or metal sheet cladding. The robustness and rapid installation of the structures make them become the best alternative to classic masonry ones, generally more expensive and with long lead times.

The quality of Kopron warehouses, is essentially a guarantee

According to customer’s requirements, Kopron team designed and installed two metal buildings connected to one another with a roof in PVC. The so-called double side mounted warehouses have been inserted within two existing walls, this to allow transit of vehicles.

The whole installation covered a surface of 1,000 sqm.

The size of each prefabricated metal building is 20 mt large, 14,5 mt long, 5,7 mt tall. The PVC connecting roof, is 21 mt large and 20 mt long which corresponds exactly to the width of the two warehouses in sandwich panels connected to one another.

The two metal buildings are used to store electrical equipment. The connecting roof gives shelter to vans and vehicles used by the company.

The carrying body is in hot-dipped galvanized steel, processed at Kopron facilities. The covering is made of 40mm thick, white, smooth sandwich panels, installed horizontally to guarantee heat retention. On each side, vision panels size 10 mt large,1 mt tall, have been inserted for light.

The connecting roof is in light grey, self-extinguishing, Class II PVC, opened at the two sides. To go through one warehouse to the other, 2 sectional doors have been installed. Another sectional door has been installed to facilitate logistics operations.

Prefabricated metal buildings: When are they useful?

Kopron prefabricated steel buildings can be easily expanded, split and removed in short time according to need. Besides, the whole warehouse can be sold to recover costs. Many advantages perceived by customers on the Kopron structures, among the most marked strengths:

Our history is a guarantee for customer

Innovative and functional solutions, history and guarantee are what allow Kopron to be one step ahead competitors.

Sensi SpA is a highly qualified business, which offers cutting-edge solutions for the telecommunication market both for private and state-owned enterprise use. For this market in constant evolution, Sensi offers installation of cables for the telecommunication, fixing of electrical connections and solutions to most of the critical problems.

Kopron products were perfectly tailored to their need. Kopron benefitted from this cooperation with Sensi Spa becoming more and more aware of the quality of their means and team. Kopron very much appreciate becoming partners of quality with all types of enterprises.

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