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Reference - BORGHI Impianti Oleodinamici


Kopron temporay storage building for storing hydraulic components

BORGHI Impianti Oleodinamici, a leading company in the production of hydraulic components, have chosen Kopron for the design and installation of a particular temporary storage building. The Client is part of the BORGHI Group which includes a high-level companies operating in the automotive, hydraulic and industrial sectors.

The new space created by Kopron allows storage of the most innovative hydraulic components in a complete range of diameters and thicknesses.

A temporary storage building installed in record time

In only 20 days, Kopron installed the temporary storage building at the Customer’s production site, meeting their requirements in order to cover space quickly and economically.

Mr Francesco Grasso, Kopron Sales Manager of the area, who carried on the whole project in turnkey formula proudly said:

"I took care of the entire turnkey project. We are very pleased with the work we carried out and professionalism that Kopron makes available to their Clients. Work started on 30 July 2018 with an estimated roadmap that should have been completed at the end of September. The full confidence recognized by BORGHI has allowed us to install the temporary storage building in just 3 working weeks, covering an important area in economy and speed."

The temporary storage building consists of two side-by-side fabric structures. Each of these is 20mt wide, 97mt long and 3,2mt high. The entire covered area is about 4,000 square meters.

The specific feature of this storage building is its reduced height. Manual picking mode of the warehouse management, in fact, not allows access to the vehicles. A very important logistic function for the management and monitoring of cataloged products.

The structure consists of a body in hot galvanized steel produced in the Kopron Italian establishment, covered with a light grey tarpaulin and anthracite bands, in self-extinguishing, Class II PVC.

Winning characteristics of the PVC fabric structures have prevailed compared to other solutions on the logistics market. The Client, in fact, chose Kopron to store its goods in speed and economy, preferring it to the classic industrial buildings (more expensive and less rapid).

Full confidence in Kopron satisfies Customer expectations

For the production of hydraulic fittings in Italy BORGHI is a leader company. BORGHI Impianti Oleodinamici belongs to the Borghi Group which is a group of companies highly specialized in the production of tubes, hoses and hydraulic fittings in according to the quality requirements, in Automotive and Industrial applications. Borghi Impianti Oleodinamici SpA, established in 1960 by its founder Mr Oliviero Borghi, is the company leader in design and production of bent rigid tubes for Industrial Application, EarthMoving, Construction Equipment.

The Kopron temporary storage building, installed at the production plant, is a significant logistical asset for the Group, optimizing an unused area and making it functional for goods storage.

Mr Luca Stella, Borghi’s General Manager, has expressed the full satisfaction of the work made by Kopron and the support of the Sales Manager in expanding its logistic and productive space in safety and speed.

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